How to Dry Emboss by Hand

��How to Dry Emboss by Hand

If you want to incorporate embossing into your styles but don't want to buy an embossing machine, hand embossing is a useful skill to have. The benefits you can get by hand frequently rival the appear of embossing from a pricey craft machine. Dry embossing, also referred to as relief embossing, is carried out by tracing a stencil with a particular tool named a stylus. The outcome is a raised pattern on the object you are embossing.

This project is simple, even if you're new to embossing. And it's relatively rapid, as extended as you select a relatively simple stencil. Hand embossing is ideal only for little projects, such as a greeting card or spot cards for a single table setting. If you program to emboss on a larger scale, such as invitations for dozens of folks, then you may possibly want to consider purchasing an embossing machine to get the project completed significantly quicker. Either way, embossing is superb for adding custom touches to cards, scrapbook pages, and much more.

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